Thanks to a team of professionals skilled in the Risk Management and Financial different areas that couple specific competences of strategic/developmental, financial/functional, applicative/technological and organizational kind, it develops a comprehensive approach to the risk management with services both of strategic and operative type.

From our point of view, the risk management should be a dynamic process that starts from the planning phase and is supported by an appropriate methodology and by a solid infrastructure composed by "problem-solving" oriented skilled professionals. Caledonia covers the following types of risk:

Market Risk

Definition of the conceptual model of market risk management, assistance for the selection and implementation of supporting applications, definition of the limit structure and delegations, implementation of new processes and organizational structures.

Credit and Operational Risk

Segmentation of the customers' portfolio, identification of rating criteria, portfolio credit risk measurement and credit pricing through the utilization of Credit Risk Management models, assistance for the selection and implementation of the support application, definition of limit structure and proxies, implementation of new organizational order for the efficiency and effectiveness of performed processes.

Internal Audit Service

It supplies a wide range of solutions with the aim to improve its own internal control systems and the implementation and/or introduction of the management control with an adequate monitoring that, in the course of time ,tends to make the operative employees independent from the control structure.