The Mission

The credit management experience lived inside in the most various (national and multinational) companies has allowed us to develop an in depth knowledge regarding logistics, business processes, challenging targets and best practices.

Indeed, we strongly believe the company's culture, that really works, should be transmitted to all members of internal organization, but also and above all to those representing the company from outside: the Partners.

A good balance between the inside and the outside optimizes the outcomes , capitalizes experience and allows moving together towards shared goals with the same motivation and courage in achieving them .

If we you look at the markets' competition, in all sectors, we understand all competitors have to pay a great attention to the corporate cash flow; to manage and collect in the fixed contractual terms in order to reduce the risks to have to make an increasing provision for bad debts to register in the balance sheet and consequently the cost of working capital, affecting the company's profit (cash is king)

It allows you to save energy/time/money, which are often spent to manage a series of activities which are not considered, at a closer look, the actual company's business core . Money has its cost, and a correct management of cash flows more and more turns out into an extra value for all businesses and the economic operators.