For the home collection activities, Caledonia makes use of direct staff for the geographic regions of Lombardy, Piedmont, Veneto and Emilia, while for the other regions of the Italian territory the activity is performed by external Collectors, always supported and double checked by the internal staff.

Caledonia chooses its local agents on using the criteria of professionalisms, morality and respectability. Furthermore it makes a careful assessment of any type of prejudicial situation, always guarantees towards the contractor for correctness and seriousness of image of the rendered service.

External Collectors of Caledonia can have an IT connection to headquarters, for a quick and effective exchange of information, as well as a precise monitoring of the performed activity.

Specifically for lease contracts or long-term hire, the intervention of Caledonia is aimed in a short period, to repossess to the creditor the asset subject of the contract, in this way guaranteeing an effective limitation of the occurred loss.

As to the legal activity, Caledonia makes use of the positive cooperation of two law firms in Milan and a law firm in Rome, whereas highly skilled internal employees take care of keeping telephonic / epistolary relationships needed against debtor customers' principals (lawyers, public accountant studies, receivers).

The legal activity of Caledonia is initially substantiated in delivering to the debtor, when required, an injunction, without additional costs for the customer company, and moreover a comprehensive assessment work (register of debtor hypo-cadastral surveys, prejudicial situations, etc) about the advisability of legal actions.

At the end Caledonia is able to offer its partners an accurate due-diligence activity that, in case of credit transfer, is substantiated in an careful examination of the contractual and accounting documentation in order to verify the completeness and formal validity, as well as in a collection and analysis of economic, financial and property data and information regarding debtor subjects, besides obviously the activity of tracing of untraceable debtors, if any.

All gathered information are put at the complete and ordinate customer's disposal, for the purpose of possible accurate evaluation of the actual perspectives of realization.

Phone Collection

  • settlement of hitches and missed contractual performances
  • reminder letters for delinquencies with recent overdues
  • reminder of small ticket ante write-off management
  • activity of debtor tracing

Home Collection

  • house calls at customers/debtors
  • evaluation of possible debtor solvability
  • repossessing of assets (leasing and locations)

Legal Action

  • legal advice and delivery of warning to abide
  • support in the notification of injunctions and court summons
  • aid to bailiffs for the enforcement of distraints and compulsory sale instances

Due Diligence

  • pre-sale preliminary examination of creditworthiness
  • post-sale ascertainment of impaired loans
  • evaluation of realization prospects and possibilities for possible settlement solutions