Skilled workgroups are committed to the execution of services on the various business areas, and composed of operating units coordinated by supervisors , in able to ensure the efficient fulfilment of the activities outsourced by contractor companies.

For phone collection and back-office activities, Caledonia operates in Cinisello Balsamo (MI) where it has currently 30 stations divided into 3 groups. The flexibility of the structure allows, to increase or decrease the number of stations for each group, therefore it is very easy to create a new workgroup in case of need. At the moment workgroups are organized by the contractor company needs. The work in progress of all activities is constantly reported to the contractor neither by periodical reports or by and through Internet direct connection. The digitalize and optical registration tools guarantee an instantaneous transmission in an accurate way of all received documentation, and a quick processing of any customer's need The internal staff of Caledonia is selected based on specific capacity and expertise, and works on shifts which cover the entire day, from 9:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.

Management of Orders

  • data entry (overall complete orders assessment)
  • opening and variations of registry records
  • reports / control statistics

Trouble Ticket Management

  • recording of payments from bank/post C/As / reconciliation of payments
  • request of true copies
  • payment maturity management

Management of Payments

  • management of incorrect invoices, contractual/prices/rates schemes verifications
  • request of true copies
  • customer support