The Company

Caledonia was established in summer 2005, by merging together the several-decade experience of people who have merged their professional competences and personal skills in order to perform credit management services of credit management, back-office (administrative/accounting) activities and Risk Management,

Experiences acquired in important national bank institutes, as well as in national and international big and medium trading companies in the credit management and administrative activities sectors.

With main offices in Rome and Milan, and supports nationwide, Caledonia proposes itself as reliable partner for all the companies which are interested in outsourcing for different kind of activities.

Caledonia has skilled and flexible structures, specialized in the various operating spheres, fitted to ensure "ad hoc" solutions for any type of business requirement, and able to provide professional support for managing your temporary business solutions.


We strongly believe that our company's culture, to be really effective, should be transmitted and shared to all members of our the internal organization, as well as to our business partners.

The Values

We are strongly committed to fulfil our customer expectations by blending our skills in order to identify a strong methodology.


Work groups specialized in the various business areas, and composed of operating units coordinated by highly skilled supervisors, are dedicated to the execution of the services.